CE Sponsorship Information

If you are interested in LVPCA co-sponsoring programs for mental health professionals, please fill out the following application with payment and send to CE chair continuing-ed@lehighvalleypsych.org. As an APA-approved sponsor of CE programs, we utilize the APA guidelines for reviewing proposals.  These guidelines include, but are not limited to, the following:


  1. Sponsors must be prepared to demonstrate that information and programs presented are based on a methodological, theoretical, research, or practice knowledge base.  This requirement must be met by at least one of the following:
    1. Program content has obtained credibility, as demonstrated by the involvement of the broader psychological practice, education, and science communities in studying or applying the findings, procedures, practices, or theoretical concepts;
    2. Program content has been supported using established research procedures and scientific scrutiny;
    3. Program content has peer reviewed, published support beyond those publications and other types of communications devoted primarily to the promotion of the approach;
    4. Program content is related to ethical, legal, statutory or regulatory policies, guidelines, and standards that impact psychology.
  2. Sponsors are required to ensure that instructors, during each CE presentation, include statements that describe the accuracy and utility of the materials presented, the basis of such statements, the limitations of the content being taught, and the severe and the most common risks.
  3. Sponsors must offer program content that builds upon the foundation of a completed doctoral program in psychology.
  4. Sponsors must be prepared to demonstrate that content is relevant to psychological practice, education, or science.
  5. Sponsors must clearly describe any commercial support for the CE program, presentation, or instructor to program participants at the time the CE program begins. Any other relationship that could be reasonably construed as a conflict of interest also must be disclosed.

Application: Co-sponsorship application Guidelines:  APA’s CE Co-sponsorship guidelines